Best Laid Plans: January 2018


January plans:

  • Total 8,050 words
    • Write 350 words/day
    • 5 days/week
  • Project: Undertow
  • Soundtrack: Zeromancer, Marilyn Manson, Celldweller/Scandroid, Haujobb.

Tl;dr: Basically, I’m going to try to do The Chuck Wendig No-Fuckery Writing Plan again.*

*That sentence was constructed so poorly. I want to clarify that I mean I will try to do this, again—as opposed to trying to do this again, which would imply that I’ve ever done anything other than sucking and failing at writing, when sucking and failing at writing is kind of my whole deal.**
**Aaand now I’m sad. :(


This is an arbitrary annual temporal marker post


2018 graphic

I don’t know whether I’ve ever made a New Years post here before* (and I’m too lazy to check). Point is, a lot of things have changed since I started this blog, and New Years is the traditional time to think about changes, etc.



  • Not fail any more classes
  • Find a part time job
  • Keep freelancing
  • Pay off my credit cards
  • Save up to travel
    • Go on (at least) 1 trip***
  • Write a novel****

*The birthday angst posts are intended to fill a similar function, so.
**See: any Best Laid Plans post for 2017.
***Feel free to tell me all  about how stupid/unrealistic it is for me to prioritize travel while I’m drowning in debt—I’ll nod and watch your lips move if you need that to feel superior or whatever.
****Except for real this time.

Notes on sleep

If I’m staying home for the day/don’t have a real schedule or anywhere I need to be, I need somewhere between 9 and 10 hours to feel rested and awake. Less sleep than that, and I’ll have an increased tendency to get sick.

If I have to be at work, or have somewhere else to be, I’m usually up-too-late anxious and sleep for 6 or 7 hours, but I’m not tired during the day, and I’m not any more susceptible to picking up an illness (that I’ve noticed).

Stupid human construct. O_o

Best Laid Plans: December 2017


December plans:

  • Total 20,000
    • Write 1000 words/day
    • 5 days per week
  • Project: Undertow*


  • Work: The one freelance contract I’ve managed to get ends on the 4th of this month, and the seasonal retail gig goes through January 15th. I’m looking into transcription jobs, and how to design book covers, and other assorted freelance nonsense.
  • School: Classes start on January 8, student loan paperwork is done and all set.
  • Playlist: Celldweller**, Scandroid, Haujobb, the Bladerunner soundtrack***, Marilyn Manson.

It’s snowing today and the snow is sticking. This is the first real snow of the year (it’s late).

*Yes, I’m still on about the mermaid-vampires.
**ALL THE CELLDWELLER (I am super into Celldweller right now).
***The good one (by Vangelis).

Best Laid Plans: November 2017 (In Retrospect)

Wordcount goal: 50K
Words written: ZERO (not counting freelance)
Days writing: ALSO ZERO (not counting freelance)
Project(s): NONE (not counting freelance)

Excuses: Work is hard. That’s a lie. Seasonal retail work is really easy, it’s just borderline stressful because people who are holiday shopping are full of holiday drama, retail work is inherently dramatic with retail drama, new jobs are inherently low-key stressful, etc, etc, blah, etc.

Next month will be better.

I hate money :(

My savings account balance is low, my checking account balance is low, and my credit cards are nearly maxed out. Thank the old gods for seasonal work, amirite?

  • I have a freelancing ghostwriting job in progress that pays what seems like a sort-of low rate, but from what I understand, all ghostwriting pays poorly when you get it through glorified content mills. The upside is it has the potential to become steady work, and since I have more time than money right now, any steady work seems like a good idea.
  • I’m in the process of interviewing for a political advocacy remote job. It’s pretty much just ghostwriting letters to elected officials under the names of people who agreed to talk about how a political decision is going to impact them and then they accepted the advocacy group’s offer to “help draft a letter based on our conversation.” This seems interesting,* and I can write, and it’s work I’d do in my own shiny new home office.
  • I have an interview tomorrow afternoon for a seasonal retail thing. I can do the work. I can show up on time, and not call out, and not bail in the middle of the season. Black Friday will suck, because this is a popular retailer, not an out-of-the-way cell phone store that most of the valley doesn’t even know about like last year, but I can handle it. (I can handle most things if there’s a clock on it.)
  • I am also in the process of interviewing for a remote seasonal customer service job with a major call center.** No idea who the client is or what the actual job responsibilities will be—it was all vague nonsense like “show concern” and “resolve issues” and “meet goals.” I think I would like this job the least, because I’m not super-into the idea of going back to phone work, but I’m good at it … and being able to roll out of bed and have a 30-second commute sounds appealing. And it’s seasonal, but with the potential to apply for more jobs with the call center.

This is weird, because even though I’ve been pretending to be a real, grown-up adult for over a decade now, I’ve never done multiple hiring processes at the same time before. Usually I throw applications like crazy, and then someone calls me for an interview that ends with “So when can you start?”*** I’ve rarely been involved in a hiring process that has a real interview, or more than one interview.

I hope I get something that can pay the bills, with enough left over to start to make a dent in my credit card debt. (#adultinggoals?)

ETA: I got an offer for the seasonal retail thing. Waiting on a background check, then I have the job.

*I’m not discussing politics irl or online for my mental health (especially after reading this post by The Oatmeal) but I think this work would be distanced enough, and I could refuse to work on anything I’m ethically opposed to, so whatever.
**Not the shitty one I left, a different one. They, um, won’t hire me back again, because I’ve left 3 times (over the 10 years I worked for them).
***Fairly sure this means I’ve never had a real, grown-up adult hiring process before.

Best Laid Plans: November 2017


November plans:

  • Total 50,000
    • Write 1667 words/day
    • 7 days per week
  • Project: Undertow*


  • Work: Trying to freelance, and applying for anything I’m qualified for.
  • School: I am taking a term off, but I will be going back in January.**
  • Playlist: Celldweller, Scandroid (PSA: the new Scandroid was out October 27), Aesthetic Perfection, Haujobb, Marilyn Manson (always), the Sisters of Mercy.

*AKA: the mermaid-vampire book.
**A not-insignificant factor is that I won’t be able to pay back my student loans on minimum wage, so I actually can’t afford to stop going to school (… and stop accruing debt (is this real life?)).