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Best Laid Plans: October 2017


October plans:

  • Total 16,500 words
    • Write 750 words/day
    • 5 days/week
  • Project: Death Drive*, fragments, etc


  • Work: Continue looking for a job. I’ll do seasonal retail again if I have to but I would really prefer not to do that (mostly because I’m terrible at it, not because I’m “too good” for it or some other nonsense: I’m too broke to be too good for a paying job).
  • School: Keep taking classes, stick with my current major until I’m done. Try to learn how to do things on time—I think I might be broken when it comes to time, but that just means I need to find more coping mechanisms to get where I need to be.
  • Playlist: Celldweller/Scandroid, Faderhead, Marilyn Manson (PSA: the new album is out October 6), Razed In Black, God Module.

*Death Drive is my afterlife book that I’ve wanted to write since 2011, and it’s slowly twisted into a love letter to a friend I don’t talk to anymore. :(


Best Laid Plans: September 2017 (In Retrospect)

Wordcount goal: 10,000
Total words written: 1729
Days writing: 2
Projects: Undertow

Excuses: Learning coding is hard. The class I’m taking that I thought would be an overview of the subject is instead a course on how to program in Python. I’m way behind (like normal). I’m starting to freak out about my lack of money, and trying to find a job to get more money, and struggling to do that because of choices I’ve made*, and I hate it. At least Xmas is coming up, which means I should be able to pick up a temporary seasonal thing, so that’s something at least.

*The place I worked at for the majority of my working life refuses to give employment references (fairly standard) and penalizes current employees who give employment references, “up to and including termination” (fucking insane). The other place I worked at for any significant amount of time is no longer in business (RIP Borders), plus that was 10 years ago and I didn’t bother to keep in touch with anyone anyway.

Best Laid Plans: September 2017


201709September plans:

  • Total 10,000 words
    • Write 500 words/day
    • 5 days/week
  • Project: fragments, Undertow,* etc.


  • Work: Going to start seriously seeking employment.
  • School: Switched my major from accounting to computer science, focus in software engineering.
  • Playlist: Depeche Mode, Celldweller/Scandroid, Blue Stahli, Marilyn Manson, Haujobb, Grendel.

*Undertow is my mermaid book I’ve wanted to write since around 2009.

Best Laid Plans: August 2017 (In Retrospect)

Wordcount goal: 8500
Total words written: 1383
Days writing: 1
Projects: “This House Isn’t Haunted,” something-something (weresharks) mumble

Excuses: I was fairly well distracted this past month, figuring out what I want to do with my life and etc. I changed my major from accounting to computer science with a focus in software engineering.* The good news is all the classes I’ve taken so far will transfer to that, bad news is it’s a 4 year degree instead of 2, so… I’ma be in school for a while.

*Christ. I wonder if I’ll ever get over how smart and impressive that sounds (at least to me).


Best Laid Plans: August 2017


August plans:

  • Total 8,750 words.
    • Write 350 words/day.
    • 5 days/week.
  • Project(s): Something/anything/whatever, I just need to be writing again.


  • Work: Seeking employment.
  • School: Applied Finite Mathematics.
  • On my playlist: Celldweller, Blue Stahli, Aesthetic Perfection, Combichrist, Razed In Black, Mesh.

Best Laid Plans: September 2016

September plans:

  • Write 750 words/day, most days; write ALL THE WORDS during 3Day Novel.
  • Projects: Undertow for 3Day Novel, maybe/maybe not continue that after.
  • Write fragments. Post anything fit for human consumption.

Life-related nonsense:

  • Hair: psycho blonde,* considering blue/grey or some combination thereof but the final decision will depend on where I end up getting a job.
  • Still looking for a new job—and getting slightly desperate because
    • We found a new living space.**
  • Fallen behind on classes in that I am waiting until nearly the last day to do my coursework and then staying up until 4am to get most of it done, followed by a self-imposed deathmarch on not nearly enough sleep to finish the rest the next day before it’s past due.


*That is a Colony 5 reference no one is going to get.
**I’m scared to be moving with very little savings and no safety net to speak of but with the alternatives being stay here for another winter and/or try to delay until the perfect time (that will never happen), I think we can make this work.