About B. Blue Marble

2018-07 shark blue + borderI am an unpublished weird fiction writer focusing on short stories and fragments. I also have ideas for about 8 different novels I’d like to pursue but past experience indicates that my ambition far exceeds my ability to commit that much time/effort to any one project. Recurring themes in my stories include love and loss, desire and death, brutality and redemption; also any conventional monsters that can be taken apart and reworked to create something recognizably human but still so undeniably other. Expect to encounter the grotesque, the broken, the profane.

My not-writing time is most often wasted collecting sea-themed tattoos, seeking out ill-advised life experiences, listening to various flavors of goth and industrial music, consuming too much caffeine and working a soul-killing job looking for a new soul-killing job to fund the writing (and the not-writing). Between working Real Jobs™, I side-hustle as a freelancer, ghostwriting blog posts for small businesses and whatever other projects I can find that are writing-/editing-adjacent, because this is the life I imagined as a kid when I said “I’mma be a writer when I grow up! :D” Fuck. I made myself sad.

In March 2018 I changed my major for a second time and started taking online classes towards a BA in Game Art and Development. I hope to someday achieve a career that doesn’t slowly erode my sanity and will to live—and I’d like a pet shoggoth to do my bidding and destroy my enemies, if the point of this game is just saying whatever amazing/impossible shit we want. Anyway.