I need sunlight, apparently

Context: I’ve preferred to keep vampire hours since I graduated from high school and I’ve stayed out of direct sunlight since I was 14 (it gives me a rash, I burn too fast, fades my hair color, etc), I tend towards gloomy/dreary climates like my birthplace of Seattle WA. My attitude towards the sun has always been like FUCK THE SUN. *raises middle fingers*

And then: I came back from Tokyo (mid-70s, sunny) to Kalispell MT (mid-40s, overcast, snowing) on April 3 and fell into a stealth depression for 2 weeks. It was one of those episodes where I just didn’t care about anything. I lost the 3 lbs I gained in Japan (and then another 7) because I was forgetting to eat except for dinner—being the person who makes dinner for another person reminded me to make dinner. I was also sleeping too much and thinking a lot about all my failures. Fun times. Then the sun started coming out more and I got less worse.

Conclusion: Stupid human construct.