Best Laid Plans: January 2018 (In Retrospect)

Wordcount goal: 8050 words.
Words written: ZERO.
Days writing: NONE.
Projects: Also NONE (excluding freelance).

Excuses: First, I was hustling/begging for financial aid so I can get back into school. Second, I was hustling/begging for a job so I can earn money to live, and also hustling on job boards and doing freelance writing (I write small corporate blog posts for actual businesses on their websites now). Third, I got sick. It might be the flu, or it might not—I got a flu shot, but the flu that’s going around wasn’t included in the shot (or something), and there are many flu-like illnesses mistaken for the flu every year, so you can’t really know whether it’s the flu without testing, and I’m far too broke to seek medical care for probably-the-flu when I can just curl up in blankets and drink virgin Bloodys for a couple weeks instead.

Next month I will try to do some actual writing. Cool? Cool.