Best Laid Plans: October 2017


October plans:

  • Total 16,500 words
    • Write 750 words/day
    • 5 days/week
  • Project: Death Drive*, fragments, etc


  • Work: Continue looking for a job. I’ll do seasonal retail again if I have to but I would really prefer not to do that (mostly because I’m terrible at it, not because I’m “too good” for it or some other nonsense: I’m too broke to be too good for a paying job).
  • School: Keep taking classes, stick with my current major until I’m done. Try to learn how to do things on time—I think I might be broken when it comes to time, but that just means I need to find more coping mechanisms to get where I need to be.
  • Playlist: Celldweller/Scandroid, Faderhead, Marilyn Manson (PSA: the new album is out October 6), Razed In Black, God Module.

*Death Drive is my afterlife book that I’ve wanted to write since 2011, and it’s slowly twisted into a love letter to a friend I don’t talk to anymore. :(