I am become snek(?)

This term I switched my major from accounting to computer science (I’m sure I’ve mentioned this, and I’ll stop mentioning it as soon as I get over it). The first class I’m taking in the computer science curriculum is called something like “Computer Science Role In Industry,” and by all accounts it was supposed to be an overview of … the role of computer science in industry, because obviously. Right.

3 weeks in, and it’s not that. It’s just learning Python. Which is cool, because I’m learning Python. But it’s also kind of what-the-fuck because words mean things—and that goes double for the names of college courses, since those things are kind of expensive, you know?

I could swear there’s a course later on that’s called something like … “Introduction To Python,” which I had assumed would be on the subject of How To Progrem With Snek, but maybe that’s the one that will explain the role of computer science in industry.

If I stopped expecting things to make sense, I think I’d have an easier time with life in general.