Project Fail Better: day 3 check-in/end analysis

[This is being written two days after the fact and I’m backdating it to the correct date—that’s not a new thing: I do that with a lot of my posts.*]

Words written: 0
Time spent writing: 0
Project: (none)

Analysis: I write better in the nighttime, with headphones. It’s something I need to work on, since living the nocturnal life isn’t an option at this time/in this location.

Total words written over 3 2 days: 1759

Despite not even remembering what happened to throw me off on day 3, I think I can keep going with this. Overall, not a bad result. On some future date, I will do 3 Day Novel the right way and register and everything and try for real. I will do more of these Project: Fail Better things because they’re a good jump-start when it’s not November.

*Seekrit behind-the-scenes action, wow! ;P