Project Fail Better: day 2 check-in

Today was better, but only just. I would love if I could just pull the shut-in thing and for-really-real have nothing to do except write, but it’s probably better to learn how to Tetris the writing around my life insead of shutting everything else out (right?). I think not learning how to do that sooner is what’s been fucking me up so hard all this time.

Words written: 871
Time spent writing: 3 hours(?)
Project: Undertow

Playlist: Zeromancer, Julien-K

Analysis: I am still writing background/prologue information. At this point I’m resigned to it, as it seems as good a way into the story as any. Zeromancer is a band I attached to this story way back the first time I was trying to write it because I was listening to them so much, and it’s interesting how easy it is to get back into that mindset just by listening to the music I was listening to. Brains are so weird. I’m also thinking about a writer-friend who is somehow entangled with most of the trite, emotive music I used to listen to, so he’s coming into my head just as often as the story. Humans, amirite?

Distractions: YouTube, internet in general, today was Sunday lunch with family (it’s this thing I do most Sundays) and grocery shopping.

Tomorrow will be better.