Best Laid Plans: September 2016

September plans:

  • Write 750 words/day, most days; write ALL THE WORDS during 3Day Novel.
  • Projects: Undertow for 3Day Novel, maybe/maybe not continue that after.
  • Write fragments. Post anything fit for human consumption.

Life-related nonsense:

  • Hair: psycho blonde,* considering blue/grey or some combination thereof but the final decision will depend on where I end up getting a job.
  • Still looking for a new job—and getting slightly desperate because
    • We found a new living space.**
  • Fallen behind on classes in that I am waiting until nearly the last day to do my coursework and then staying up until 4am to get most of it done, followed by a self-imposed deathmarch on not nearly enough sleep to finish the rest the next day before it’s past due.


*That is a Colony 5 reference no one is going to get.
**I’m scared to be moving with very little savings and no safety net to speak of but with the alternatives being stay here for another winter and/or try to delay until the perfect time (that will never happen), I think we can make this work.