Project: Fail Better (Take 2)

I am trying this again since it clearly didn’t work for me at all last time and doing things that clearly don’t work for me at all is definitely a pattern of mine.

How this works:

  • Timeframe: November 1 – December 31.
  • Word goal: 60,000 words of rough draft by end of timeframe.
  • Project: Death Drive.

Extra credit:

  • Try to rope other people into doing this with me.*
  • Fully outfit my freezing deathtrap into a functional writing garret.
  • Devise a writing schedule I can commit to.


  • 100% completion: the cheapest bottle of champagne I can find and I blow some cash on a one week vacation/writing retreat at a seaside cabin sometime in 2016.


*Because I’m super-into rope?