Best Laid Plans: September 2015

I think that’s quite enough fucking off and doing nothing. Time to get back to trying to be serious about writing again.*

September plans:

  • Write 350 words per day, most days (something/anything).
  • Project(s): UndertowLost Loves + Little Deaths.
  • Write fragments weekly. Post anything that isn’t fucking awful.

Life-related nonsense:

  • Got a haircut.
    • Every time I get a haircut, the floor under the cutting chair looks like someone brutally slaughtered a Muppet. I love it.
  • Bought several new albums.
  • Am attempting to read more analog books.
    • I used to read so much and I don’t know what happened.
    • I blame the internet.
    • Or maybe my new(ish) phone.

Other nonsense:

  • Yearly birthday angst post will be up in ~3 days. START THE COUNTDOWN. :D


*All credit on this goes to a friend who sat and listened one night while I tangented for far too long about a few ideas I’ve been neglecting for years and reminded me that I like/miss writing.