Best Laid Plans: June 2015

Jesus fucking christ how is it June already. How is it 2015 already. Time is weird.

The “back into writing” thing was semi-successful in that I actually did write some words last month. Less than 1000 words. Most of them were posted here.


June plans:

  • Write 350 words/day, most days.
  • Project(s): Dante’s Call Center; Lost Loves and Little Deaths.
  • Post at least one fragment here by the end of the month (for real this time).*

Work-related nonsense:

  • They want to expand the department. They are serious about it. There are two new groups moving from training to on-the-job training tomorrow and as far as I know at least two more groups that either start training or started training last week.
  • I hope this lasts.
  • Because being shuffled around all the time is bullshit.

Life-related nonsense:

  • There are now officially rumors about me and the person I’m sort-of involved with at work. Three months for that noise to get started isn’t bad, considering we weren’t actively being secretive.
  • There may be consequences.
    • I give zero fucks about the consequences.


*Yes, I said last time was the last time. Yes, I’m an asshole. I know.