Late to the Funeral: a softer world Is Ending

I have spent hours upon hours of my nighttime lifestrung out on too much caffeine or too much alcohol or just fucking depressed and too tired to sleephopelessly lost in the a softer world archives and laughing at the parts where I imagine a sane and stable person would cry.

It isn’t possible to overstate the impact Joey Comeau and Emily Horne’s project has had on me over the years I’ve been following it (thank fuck for the internet, amirite?). After 12 years of being consistently dark and gorgeous and brilliant, they have announced that they are ending it.

I adore a softer world beyond all reason and will miss it more than I can rightly articulate. Hopefully the site stays up for a long time, so more people will have a chance to discover this love letter for the fucked-up broken/damaged peoplea love letter for everyone, basically.

art is whatever gets you laid.

RIP|asw <3

PSA: They have a Kickstarter going for the next ~6 days to fund Anatomy of Melancholy: The Best of A Softer World, if you’re so inclined. (I was so inclined.)