Asagi Koi

MAY 9 This happened. It’s my first tattoo that I can’t conceal without some effort.

Fucking love it. so. fucking. hard.
Asagi koi - day zero I found the outline/basic design on the internet* and I discussed colors I wanted for a long time with the tattooist*** because I am so strangely specific about what colors i like. He mixed the blue on the body out of two blues, a purple, a grey and some white (I adore when they custom-mix colors for me, I guess because it feels more special that way).

He is an asagi koi, which is the type that is bright orange on the head and tail and pectoral fins and belly and blue-grey on the body and dorsal fin.

He is sort of a reminder. I don’t believe in getting tattoos “for someone”**** but to say that I got him “because of someone” would be entirely accurate. Not that I would say that. I’m not the person that has stories about the significance of their tattoos. My tattoos don’t have clever/amusing backstories.

Except for this little guy. I started having these dreams the night after I got him. It’s all kinds of surreal bullshit***** and I might write something about it if I can find anything deeper than the surface weirdness.

This is what I’ve learned in my dreams:

  • He is a boy fish.
    • But he lays eggs.
    • And then he eats them.

Yeah. It went dark pretty quick.

Anyway. That was like a week ago, so I’m now at Day 7 and he’s mostly peeled and healing up nicely. Also the tattooist fixed up the reminder on my wrist, which I’ve been needing to have fixed for a while and that one is healing so much better than the first time. All good things!


*I’m only comfortable with that if the design is listed as flash and/or comes up constantly in search results and does not have an artist’s name or watermark attached in any way.**
**Yes, my ethics are weird. Yes, I know.
***Same shop, different artist. My previous tattooist left in the wake of some drama that I’ve been avoiding getting all the details about because it’s nothing to do with me so I don’t care to know.
****I’m not opposed to anyone who does but it isn’t something I do. I think this may be the first tattoo I’ve gotten that has a meaning beyond “I like it” (excluding the reminder on my wrist).
****I blame the melatonin. Someone told me it can make you dream super-intense and that seems like as convenient excuse as anything else.