Best Laid Plans: July 2014

July plans:

  • Write most days (any fiction counts, 350 words/day).
  • Current projects: Death Drive / Lost Loves + Little Deaths.
  • Post some fiction/a fragment here at least once a month.

Work-related nonsense:

  • The new department still sucks (for reasons).
  • But I give far less of a fuck about that since I’ve been promoted to a supportive role where I’m not taking calls every day (I haven’t taken calls for a month and it has helped my mental state so so much I can’t even).
  • Is that hypocritical? Sure, sort of. Although now I’m actually in a position to complain about all the problems that exist and push for subtle changes that will improve things slightly (realistic goals!).
  • I still hate the company and I don’t think I’ll last much longer (but I’ll try, damn it).
  • I’m forming an exit strategy that has me leaving towards the end of October/early November.
  • I need a real job.

Life-related nonsense:

  • I’m over this.
  • Everything everything.
  • I don’t want to be a grown-up.