Project: Fail Better | Day 3

Despite every intention of starting this on the first to establish a pattern in my own head/reinforce my commitment to doing this project, I managed to lose all track of time* until I was staring at my laptop screen last night at something like 2ayem and noticed it was the third of May already.

So I did what I always do: I idly read things online** and listened to music*** and set up a document to track my wordcount**** and emailed back and forth a bit with the other person I agreed to do this with. Part of the last email I sent was this long excuse about how I couldn’t focus enough to write, not even 350 words, because I was just too tired/wired to manage it. After I sent it, I was like Wow that looks like a really long email and I copy+pasted it into my preferred online word counterand it was 783 words long.

Anyway. I’m still improper-sleep-fucked but only real writing is writing (also this) and if I can bash out 783 words about how I can’t write, it’s absolutely fucking pathetic if I don’t at least take a shot at 350 words of real writing today.

*This isn’t so strange, I haven’t been sleeping right the past few days and time tends to go sideways on me when I don’t sleep.
**If I was being overly generous, I’d call this “research.”
***I found out about Aesthetic Perfection about a week ago when I happened upon the video for “Antibody.” I watched it like half a dozen times, then bought all their albums and have been listening to them on repeat since then.
****It seemed like a good idea?