Best Laid Plans: May 2014 Edition

May plans:

  • Write most days (any fiction counts, 350 words/day).
  • Current projects: At the Bitter End / Faster Than Pain.
  • Post some fiction/a fragment here at least once a month.

I’ll also be doing this thing for the next two months that I’ve dubbed Project: Fail Better (and yes, I just linked to something that is like 2 posts downscroll or click through: I’m getting all Choose Your Own Adventure-style here. Exciting).

Work-related nonsense:

  • The new department is better than I was expecting.*
  • I’ve been told that I failed a site-navigation test that is the first step in qualifying for a promotion. This is the second time I’ve failed this test (the first time was in the previous department and it was different questions) but I maintain that I could not have possibly failed,** especially not the second time.***
  • Now I’m super-paranoid that they just don’t want to promote me (for reasons!)**** and it’s fucking obliterating my morale and any drive I had to actually do my job well. I mean, why should I do anything over the bare minimum of what I have to do to keep my current job if I have no hope of advancing to a better job?
  • I know, I know: life isn’t fair.
  • Clearly I’m still bothered by this. A lot.

The really stupid part is that I’m actually good at my job. I’m also a reasonably logical person and can understand decisions that are made based on some sort of logic. But. Because of how cloak-and-dagger they’re being about the whole promotion process, I’m out the second I have a plan as to where I’m going.

*In that no one who has called in has threatened me or insulted my mother (these are actually fairly high bars to hit at a call center, disappointingly).
**When I failed the test in the previous department I wasn’t told which questions I missed or what the answers were but since I knew someone who had taken the test before and had a corrected copy, I was able to find out that three of the questions were wrong and had been argued by the person who took the test and she was given credit for having the answer right even though those weren’t the answers they were looking for and two of the questions they had the wrong answer and she argued those too. (And I had all the same answers she did.)
***The test is literally looking up the answers to questions on our intranet site and then providing the answer and the name of the page where the answer is. I know for a fact that the answers were listed on the pages I provided.
****Mostly because they won’t tell me how many questions I missed or which ones or what a passing score would have been or even how the test is graded. This all just seems really sketchy.