Faulty Wiring #006

(Or, Forcibly Ordered Thoughts From the Land of Disordered Sleep.)

This past week
Achieved about 4-6 hours of sleep per night.

Tonight,  something like 8:35
Too tired to stay awake, curled up on the couch* and feel asleep near-instantly.**

Woke up. Awake like AWAKE. Got a drink of water. Went back to bed.

Couldn’t sleep.

Couldn’t sleep.

Couldn’t sleep.

Fuck it. Internet! :D

*Since my living space is tending towards die-from-exposure cold, I’ve been offered space on a couch in a room where I will not freeze to death. This is amazing.
**This does not happen for me. Even when I’m too-tired-to-function it still takes a very long time for sleep to sink its jaws in and claim me.