Faulty Wiring #005

I’m miserable.

So fix it.

But it’s everything. 
I hate my job. I hate my life.
I’m so lonely I could scream.

So fix itFix all those things.
You’re so fucking mopey sometimes.

I’ve been listening to Marilyn Manson and Depeche Mode and crying for like 3 weeks.

Ugh. That’s… not a good sign.

Yeah. It’s all painful associations and emotional triggers.
I attach too much to music.

Was there a purpose?
Or were you just looking for something to drown in for a while?

The drowning was already happening.
I though I could get out by going through.

So keep going.
Make the necessary decisions to propel you in the correct direction.

But how do I do that if I don’t even know what I want?
I just know I don’t want this.

Fuck if I know. You’ll figure it out.
(You’re only talking to yourself anyway.)