Best Laid Plans: February 2014 Edition

This complete-lack-of-structure thing is (predictably, for me) death and now that I’m no longer entirely ill it’s just getting (even more) pathetic. Trying an approach that has some structure seems like a good idea.*

February plans:

  • Write most days (any fiction counts, 350 words/day).
  • Current projects: Lost Loves & Little Deaths / Faster Than Pain.**
  • Post some fiction/a fragment here at least once a month.

Work-related nonsense:

  • We were informed with approximately four days notice that we will not be going into training on Monday. We will instead be going into training sometime in March on a completely different (and brand new) contract.
  • I’m not dealing with this particularly well; I think I may be having actual mood swings. My immediate impulse is to go to the Temple and schedule a tattoo and also probably get a new piercing. (I need a better coping mechanism.***)

*Just for lulz, check the date on that post. :D
**Because options!
***Counterpoint: Fuck it.