Best Laid Plans: December 2013 Edition

I have not written anything of substance in over a year (occasional fragments and some overly-expository/awkward chaptering during NaNo 2012 does not count). But! I’m not ready to give up the identity of “writer.” I still narrate events in my head looking for good lines, I still carry a little notebook full of ideas and pieces, certain words still hit me like getting punched in the heart.*

Writing feels like one of those intrinsically and souldeep part-of-me things.** Suffice it to say, this is further notice.

December plans:

  • Write most days (any fiction counts, no word goal).
  • Find a writing schedule*** I can keep.
  • Current project: Death Drive.
  • Post some fiction/a fragment here at least once a month.

Bonus impossible intention:

  • Write a novella during the Dead Days (December 25 – January 1). Because there’s a story that’s been in my head for at least the past seven years and I want it out.

*I can’t explain this, it’s just something that’s always happened to me. I may be a lingua-fetishist?
**Which is good. Because I have a fucking tattoo on my wrist that says “write” and it would be kind of sad if that became a reminder of a past life I’d abandoned.
***”Schedule” can be defined as loosely as “crawl into bed, curl up with laptop and type-y type type until sleep conquers me,” I just need something (anything), damn it.