NaNo 2013: Day 6*

I have this superstition** that writing at least one word on Day 1 of NaNoWriMo increases your odds of getting to 50k by the end (something-something forming habits early and/or something-something good intentions)—this is not to say that not writing on the first day dooms you to failure, just that it seems like a pretty obvious strategy to not fall behind immediately if that can be avoided.

Most years I pretend to be good at holding to this ritual (to the letter if not the spirit) and I open up a blank doc at midnight on Halloween and write exactly one sentence just so I can update my word count and say I’ve started writing something. Failure will come later but I feel like it’s somehow important to claim that one insignificant success.

Other years are more like this one. At the end of Day 6 of NaNo, to be on track for getting to 50k by Day 30, one should have written 10,000 words. Aaand I’m at zero.

That… is a lot of words to make up.

Brb; writing a novel.


*Alternate title: “Oh shit, I knew I was supposed to be doing something.”
**I firmly believe that the only people more preoccupied with ritual than writers are madmen and saints.