Annual Declaration Of Intent*

In the interest of general record-keeping, I’m posting this announcement that I will be participating in National Novel Writing Month (as I have, to some extent, since 2006).

This year’s project is entitled Dante’s Call Center and it is a brand new idea (as opposed to one of my many unfinished manuscripts/neglected ideas (that I should really be trying to make some progress on instead of abandoning again every time some new shiny catches my attention. But! I don’t)).

The inspiration behind this is that working in a call center is weird/surreal/fucking stupid enough for me to actually flirt with writing something based a tiny little bit on my own life,** so I figured why not just follow that impulse and see what comes of it.*** And I will be cribbing most of the plot (or maybe just the structure) from The Inferno.****

Anyway. I will try to post some excerpts here, if anything I write doesn’t seem too fucking horrible to inflict on human eyes and brains, since I know I said somewhere I wanted to start posting more fiction here (something-something two birds and a stone?).

Countdown! 2 days until NaNo.


*Not actually news to anyone who came over here by following a link on the NaNo site (which I think may be all of you?).
**It’s also weird/surreal/fucking stupid enough that I may need therapy (but writing a vitriolic, self-indulgent roman à clef is far, far closer to what I can afford right now).
***This may or may not also be my new life philosophy.
****Because there’s no sense in letting my half-finished English Lit degree go completely to waste, amirite?