Forcing a Distraction, Part IV

Despite not accomplishing any writing in the prose fiction sense, I did manage to revise my Doomsday Clock doc, articulate semi-useful outlines for six novels,* compile story idea lists for four short fiction collections,*** work on plot/character sketches for something that I’m not sure what it is and also remember that I am a person who writes.

That last one is the most important. (Obviously.)

Even though I didn’t do 3 Day Novel right, I’m glad I did something and it’s something I want to try again in the future. Except next time I want to do it for real and probably take a day off work and do all the other SRS WRTR things you’re supposed to do to really commit to the premise.


*These are not new ideas, these are pieces of thoughts I had scattered all over** that I needed to consolidate.
**On bits of paper and in my head.
***Again: scattered ideas that needed pulled together.