Forcing a Distraction, Part III

The “novel” part of the whole 3 Day Novel plan ended up not really happening* but I did get some sketches/outlining done and reworked my Doomsday Clock document** again.

Mostly I backed everything up on my new laptop, which is the first computer I’ve owned that I didn’t have to share with other people. All my music and documents are now stored in at least two places because I understand technology can fail*** and I’d like to avoid having to deal with that.

This is almost entirely lacking in substance, isn’t it? I suppose I should do a final post tomorrow and evaluate how this whole thing worked out/whether I thought it was useful for me/any other relevant-ish observations.


*Technically I do have tomorrow but I have to work, so I won’t be able to devote the entire day to wordly output the way I have been (trying to) the past two days.
**This loosely follows the same concept as a five-year plan except it goes until I see myself dying. Because I’m morbid like that.
***Although if I can’t get to my Google Docs because Google is down, I’ll likely be more concerned about the coming apocalypse than I will be about having lost some writing.