Best Laid Plans: May 2013 (In Retrospect)

May plans:

  • Write most days (something, anything). <— FAILED (2/30)
  • Daily word count goal 350. <— FAILED (0/30)
  • Post fiction/fragments here. <— Aaand FAILED

In Real Life News:*

  • I undid all the progress I’d made growing out my undercut because it’s getting warm out like Montana’s sad simulacrum of summer and also because short hair is easier to dye weird/bright colors (less bleach/less damage). Currently dyed black and blue. I don’t care if it’s a trendy haircut; I still dig it.
  • I’ve been kind of fucked-up and fragile and I spent last Sunday laying in the sunlight in a cemetery listening to Awolnation.**
  • Yesterday I was playing with a calculator at work and I figured out overtime adds up pretty fast, so I worked an eleven-and-a-half hour day today just to see if it would break me. And it didn’t. At all. So I’m doing that again every day next week. If I don’t abruptly burn out spectacularly, I might be able to save up enough money to get the fuck out of Montana for a while.****


*Organizing unrelated things into a bulletted list implies that these things are somehow related. They are not.
**Like the gawth-est gawth cliche futilely clinging to this mortal coil.***
***You know, except for the sunlight. And the Awolnation.