Best Laid Plans: May 2013 Edition

May plans:

  • Write most days (something, anything).
  • Daily word count goal 350.*
  • Post fiction/fragments here.

Did I mention my new tattoo?


So I got this new tattoo: It says “write.” It is on my wrist. The font I chose is modeled after the typeface of an Underwood typewriter.**

Within days of getting the tattoo, I succumbed to an infection of unkillable bugs*** that have had me more or less on my back for the past two months (excepting the time I’ve spent at work because I value my job more than I value the health of my coworkers****), thus rendering the tattoo functionally ironic.

At least it can double as a highly-visible badge of shame while I’m not writing?


* Yeah, I’m disgusted with me too.
**Typewriters are sexy as fuck.
***The illness was in no way a result of the tattoo, I don’t mean for it to sound that way. It was just poorly timed.
****Yes, I’m a selfish bitch but I can’t really afford to not have this job right now so I’m okay with that.