Best Laid Plans: March 2013 (In Retrospect)

March Plans:

  • Write most days (something, anything). <— FAILED (2/31)
  • Daily word count goal 350. <— FAILED (0/31)*
  • Continue writing/posting fragments. <— FAILED

In Real Life News:

  • Job: I missed about a week’s worth of time due to being sick (my voice went out from coughing and when you have no voice, you’re less than useless for call center work). Miraculously I was not fired but I do have to have additional training because I missed so much training. Also, on Friday, everything abruptly snapped into place and I now feel semi-competent at my job (yay).
  • Hair: Left the top layer black and bleached out everything underneath, then dyed it green. There’s a sort of Ramona Flowers vibe to the look of it but the green*** faded faster than I’d like. The next color up is blue**** and I’ll probably do that some time this week.


*I’m giving myself a total pass here because I got sick this month right after getting a new tattoo,** which then (predictably) got infected and everything went rapidly downhill from there.
**Zero intent to imply causation (I actually blame my stupid sick co-workers for coming to work sick and getting me sick).
***Manic Panic Enchanted Forest, for anyone who cares.
****Manic Panic Shocking Blue (it is my favorite shade of unnatural hair color).