This Year I Write My Novel

Mainly inspired by This Year You Write Your Novel by Walter Mosley (which I’m reading for the third or forth time*), I’ve decided (again) I’m going to write a novel.**

For those who don’t know this already, I’m one of those people that more or less fetishizes lists and maps and any other means of pretending I can impose some artifice of order on the chaos of the world.***

Knowing that order is an illusion doesn’t make the illusion any less compelling and following a list is something that always appeals to me (what do i do next? check the list! the list knows all!). I adore the notion that if I just go from Step A to B to C, I will eventually end up at Finished Novel.

Is it really that easy?

In my experience: No, never; but I’m still paradoxically convinced that if I just keep the faith, someday it might be and then I’ll know I’m finally a real boy writer.


*And which I highly recommend to anyone with a borderline fetish for books within the How To Write genre.
**Instead of my other plan, which was something more like Continue working on short fiction, find my voice, develop my craft, etc, etc, blah, etc.
***See: Best Laid Plans.