Best Laid Plans: February 2013 Edition

February plans:

  • Write most days (something, anything).*
  • Daily word count goal: 600 (it really doesn’t seem to matter what number I write down here, does it?).
  • Current project: Bound (yes, I’m trying that again). Moments Of Inertia[revised 2/7/13 (note: previous project just hasn’t been working for me at all).] Seeekrit Project. [revised again 2/8/13 (note: naming things appears to consistently have the effect of paralyzing me to inaction.***)]
  • Continue posting fiction here.****


*Especially focus on the first two weeks because there will be less free time once training classes start.**
**Oh how I’ve missed (and yet I loathe) real employment.
***Wtf is wrong with me?!
****Now it’s an experiment! ^_^