Best Laid Plans: December 2012 (In Retrospect)

December plans:

  • Write most days (something, anything). <— FAILED (4/31)
  • Daily word count goal 500. <— FAILED (0/31)
  • Current project: At the Bitter End. <— FAILED

I suck. Moving on.*

In Real Life News:

  • Job: I have a job offer, contingent on the call center getting their shit together regarding training classes (I keep getting a very bad feeling about everything to do with that place but that’s nothing new, so I’m being exceptionally proactive and ignoring it**).
  • School: The semester is over. I’m enrolled for next semester. That is all.
  • Hair: I got a new idea to try on my hair once I grow it out some more (hopefully it will not result in me completely melting my hair off, severe chemical burns, etc., etc.***).


*These Best Laid Plans posts may serve no purpose if that’s my reaction most of the time and nothing written here seems to have any sort of effect on me at all. (I will withhold judgement for a bit longer, then deeply analyse. Or something.)
**Step off pedants: I know what “proactive” means. It was a joke.
***You can tell how concerned I am about this. Hair is an emotionally-charged topic for most women because it doesn’t ever grow back.****
****Joking again! (I am effing hilarious tonight.)