Best Laid Plans: December 2012 Edition

December plans:

  • Write most days (something, anything).
  • Daily word count goal 500 (I’m shooting for achievable again).
  • Current project: At the Bitter End (some information on that (but not much) in the novel history section of my NaNo profile).

I’ve been camped out in my living space under a pile of blankets with a space heater* and wearing fingerless gloves all the time for the past couple of months. It keeps raining lately (which I adore) and as a bonus, that means it’s not quite cold enough to snow.**

Maybe the near-constant cold and suck is part of what inspired me to jump on Ye Olde Zombie Apocalypse Bandwagon. Or maybe I just have a thing for death.****

Aaand I just realized I’m talking about what I’m writing. Which starts to put up all kinds of blocks that make the writing not get written, so I’m going to stop with that now.


*If I burn the place down, at least I won’t be as cold.
**Which is weird. This is Montana. It’s December.***
***The lack of snow is a clear indication of something violent coming.
****Riiight… “maybe.” O_o