NaNo Update: Book-Jumping

If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s not-writing. I’m really more of an idea person.*

I currently have 10 books that I’m sort-of working on (three are story collections). I’m playing editor to a couple different friends (continuity and character feedback, that sort of thing). I think I actually suggested to a random group of internet friends that we all put together an anthology after NaNo’s over. And I think they said yes (ohgodwhat?).

The sad part is that I’m not good at follow-through. At all.

The 10 books? Not even at the zero-draft phase. The editing? That only works because I don’t have to do anything beyond reading and saying what works/what doesn’t. The anthology? Oh dear sweet fuck, I have no idea how that’s even going to work.

I’m so not-good at follow-through that my actual NaNo novel has had basically no words added for the past few days (I just checked and apparently “a few” can mean two weeks now). Also I’ve switched novels like three times and that hasn’t helped anything like the way it has in past years.

I’m not sure what the problem is. Whether it’s the lack of community, worries about Real Life, lack of focus. It could be anything really.

The only way to write is to write. I know this. If I don’t write, it’s because I don’t want it enough. People with far, far more demanding schedules than I have managed to write novels (and some of them have even managed to get those novels published).

So… I’m starting over again,** starting now. I’m going to pick a novel and commit. I will spend the next 16 days working on Found Objects.***


*Which is to say my capacity for being creative outweighs my capacity for dedication.
**But for real this time.
***Because that one seems the easiest/most entertaining and at this point… fuck it.