Best Laid Plans: November 2012 Edition

Before I started this post, I was thinking I should review/analyse all my other Best Laid Plans posts (maybe even attempt a graph or something) and then try to come to some sort of conclusions.

Then I was all “Nope!” because I am tired and if I try that when I’m tired, the internet will suck me in like a k-hole and I’ll be up until I see the sun with nothing to show for it except a whole lot of missing time.

Priorities… sometimes I pretend like I have them.

November plans:

  • Write most days (something, anything).
  • Daily word count goal 1667 (because NaNo!).
  • Current project: Undertow.

Also I’m going to be writing A Thing that’s sort of cool but I can’t talk about it yet and one other small project that should be kind of fun (because taking on so many projects I end up bailing on everything has always worked so well before).