I Will Write the First Draft of a Novel In One Month*

And not just any month: I’m going to be writing this novel in November. Mostly because November is National Novel Writing Month** and therefore a good month in which to write a novel (unassailable logic, that).

I’ve done NaNo every year since 2006 with what I would generously call “varying degrees of success,” except for the fact that I have never completed an actual first draft of an actual novel within the actual 30 days.***

Rather than trying to maintain the 1667 words/day pace to hit 50k in 30 days, I’m going to look at doing something more like Backwards NaNo (mostly because Fuck it, it’s not like my current method actually works for me or something) and also because I got sucked in by the gimmick of “You’ll only have to write 1 word on day 30!”

Who can resist a gimmick like that? No one, that’s who! Seriously, check it out: it’s weird… yet it sounds compellingly plausible, which is the best kind of plausible.

The other thing I’m thinking about doing is the process set out on the SFWA’s blog, How I Went From Writing 2,000 Words a Day to 10,000 Words a Day (or, as I’ve been referring to it, “Write Moar Better Faster!”****).

And finally, the obligatory crossing of the streams, in which I link to the 3-Day Novel Contest’s Survival Guide***** because most of it also works for NaNo. I reread this every year, it’s helpful like that.


Story: Chosen.

Outline: Vague.

Caffeine: Acquired.

Playlist: Getting there.

Okay. I think I’m ready to do this.

Counting down until November…


*This is not news to anyone who came here via a link from the NaNo site. Which is most of you. Which is hilarious. (Redundancies, yay!)
**As I mentioned in a previous post, NaNo is a (rare) recognized holiday of mine.
***The less said about my NaNo2010 project the better. It was a technical win, in that it ended up at over 50k but it was an abomination to the extent that I don’t even feel okay calling it “my first novel”—it’s basically another unfinished manuscript on the pile of unfinished manuscripts (I need to stop doing that).
****Because I r srs wrtr (4 srs u guise).
*****On the 3-Day Novel Contest: No, I haven’t tried it. Yes, I want to. It sounds like the literary equivalent of a pressure-cooker, how could I not dig that?