Best Laid Plans: October 2012 Edition

First, in the realm of random not writing stuff, I’ve scaled waaay back on caffeine. Not even intentionally. It just happened that after my coffee when I first get up (insert “from my cold, dead hands” joke here), I started switching over to uncaffeinated things to drink. However, I still can’t sleep worth shit when I try to and I still wake up multiple times during the night, sometimes for hours at a time.

So I’m sorry, caffeine, for blaming you for my sleep issues. I guess it really is just me.

Also, National Novel Writing Month is coming up, so I’m kind of excited about that. NaNo is my second recognized holiday of the year* and honestly the only thing that’s gotten me writing again for the past few years has been NaNo’s combination of an implausibly high goal paired with an improbably short deadline.

It never works the same for me outside of NaNo season though, so I think the fact that other people are involved probably also has something to do with it. (Oh, look: another thing that’s better with other people involved. Stupid human condition.)

Anyway, onto the point of this sad and wandering post…

October plans:**

  • Write most days (something, anything).
  • Daily word count goal 500 (I dunno… just because, I guess).
  • Current project: Bound.
  • Continue writing short fiction.

Upcoming post: the fruition of my seekrit plans (spoiler: not writing-related, just pure egotism).***


*The other being Shark Week, which is really starting to get too commercial for my tastes—with the obvious exception of Sharky Claus. If you don’t love Sharky Claus, I’m sorry but you’re made of stone or something (in a bad way!).
**Are you getting sick of these posts? I’m getting sick of these posts. I’m getting sick of these posts so hard.
***Not telling absolutely everybody I know about what I’m planning is killing me, you guys, but someone would probably try to stop me if I did. =(