Best Laid Plans: September 2012 Edition

September is my birth month,* so it’s kind of special for me. I tend to always think of it as a time to start over and celebrate the fact that I’m not dead yet** by planning all sorts of life changes to make myself better than, you know, me.

Which is about as useful as New Year’s resolutions*** but by now it’s something of a habit, so I just go with it.

September plans:

  • Write most days (something, anything).
  • Daily word count goal 600.
  • Current project: Bound (because I know it will hurt but I reeeaaally need to try and get over something).

Aaand, stay tuned for my upcoming yearly Birthday Angst post (with bonus list of Super-Changing Life Changes!™). Those are fun, right?


*Yes, I used the phrase “birth month.” I know, I cringed too…
**This is how I think… shut up. O_o
***I don’t do New Year’s resolutions. They are exercises in futility and I hate them.