Best Laid Plans: August 2012 (In Retrospect)

August plans:

  • Write most days. <— FAILED (2/31)
  • Daily word count goal 1613. <— FAILED
  • Current project: Moments of Inertia. <— FAILED

Assessment: I suck.

And, Real Life News:

  • Job: Still no job (but I’m working on it).
  • School: Enrolled and working on my English degree again (because… fuck it… it’s not like I’ve anything better to be doing).
  • Hair: I am finally at the point where I don’t completely hate it and I no longer have to talk myself out of taking clippers to the sides all the time. Also, I need a haircut (a real haircut, one that I pay money for). Also also, I’m really sick of the red. It fades too fast (which I knew it would) and it’s not a nice fade like the blue where I really liked all the colors it faded through. This is just… blah.

That is all.