Between Dreams and Reality

It’s supposed to be good and healthy and useful (and all that shit) to list the things you want to do regardless of whether they’re possible.

To that end, there are at least a couple of things that would really help me out as far as writerly validation goes:

  • 2013 World Horror Convention. I’ve never been to a convention. It seems like the sort of thing that SRS WRTRS do (like “networking” and “building a platform” and all those other things I can’t be bothered with), so I think it would be an important step in taking myself seriously as a writer.
  • The Clarion Writers Workshop. This is huge. I don’t know how helpful this would be from a “developing craft” perspective but I know Clarion is famous for breaking down overly self-involved little brats and I could use the abuse.
  • Join a real writers group. No disrespect to NaNo but that’s more like socializing combined with raw output and then for anything else, you’re on your own. Also, it’s a yearly thing and I need more focus than that.

So… validation post: complete. (I really suck at endings. O_o)