Best Laid Plans: May 2012 (In Retrospect)

May plans:

  • Write every day (something, anything). <— FAILED (wrote 7/30 days).
  • Ideally, 500 words per day minimum. <— FAILED (I hit this once).
  • Begin a draft of Found Objects: a faery story. <— Okay, I did start
  • Continue Cannibal Anthems. <— Aaand… FAILED.
This has not really been working at all. I need a metaphorical kick in the face. Usually by the time I get all antsy and weird and depressive-spiralling from not-writing for too long, it’s almost November and the solution makes itself obvious. Conveniently enough, Camp NaNoWriMo is scheduled for the months of June and August this year (so I guess it’s not just me).
And, in Real Life News:
  • Job: Got desperate enough to look for something writing-related online. It has not been going particularly well but I shall continue for a bit longer.
  • School: I need to pick a major.
  • Hair: I had this problem where my hair was so bleached-out, it was unable to hold color. So I cut off the damaged part (hint: most of it was “the damaged part”).