Best Laid Plans: May 2012 Edition

Last month’s experiment served to show me that I am desperately in need of MOAR STRUCTURE!1!!

“Organically” and “without intentions” did not work particularly well—although it did work slightly better than my previous (and arbitrarily chosen) aim of 1000words/day.

Also, it has recently come to my attention that writing 1000words of fiction/day, consistently, is not actually considered to be as achievable as I first (arbitrarily) assumed. And not just for me: I read some professional writer blogs about it and everything.

So… new (arbitrary) goals!

May plans:

  • Write every day (something, anything).
  • Ideally, 500 words per day minimum.
  • Begin a draft of Found Objects: a faery story.
  • Continue Cannibal Anthems (piece by piece, I will finish this).

Moving (arbitrarily) forward… (arbitrarily… O_o).