Best Laid Plans: March 2012 (In Retrospect)

March plans:

  • Continue writing Cannibal Anthems. <—FAILED
  • Begin (re-)writing Bound: a story of Oblivion. <—ALSO FAILED

What did I accomplish this March? Let’s copy/paste directly from my Word Count Record Doc:

29: Writing Practice, 315words

So… basically fuckall. Yay.

And, in Real Life News, this was the month that I:

  • Had a breakdown and quit my job, then slipped into an awful depressive spiral for 2 days.
  • Randomly decided I want to move to New Mexico and go back to school so I can get a job I hate slightly less.

I can only imagine how much more grating the last couple of weeks would have been if I had people in my life who expected me to go out or do things or interact on a normal level or in a consistent fashion…

And I’m pretty sure that the take-away from this whole experience is that I am not a stable or sane person and this is exactly why I say things like “I’m not good at people.”