Welcome to The Process

Statement of intent: The Process is an artifact-in-progress. I set this thing up to help me focus on writing/things that are relevant to my writing (but it also includes a lot of tangential thoughts because everything is connected to everything). I put these words online instead of buried on a hard drive because the illusion of having any number of witnesses is slightly more effective motivation than merely anticipating my own impending self-recrimination.

Fair warnings:¬†Most of what I post won’t be useful and/or amusing to anyone except for me and/or people with a kink for repetitive minutiae. Also, if you’re offended by casual swearing/casual blaspheming, that’s here too, so maybe turn back now instead of getting upset about habits I have that I don’t care to change.

Comment policy:¬†(This part’s easy!) There is no comment section on any of my posts at this point in time, because I don’t want to. If you’re looking for somewhere to scream into the void about the unfairness of… whatever, please go elsewhere. If that’s not you, proceed.